HP Esports Armageddon Auckland 2019

Auckland’s pop culture event, Armageddon, saw the birth of Omens very first Australian/ New Zealand esport’s events come to life. Having one of the strongest hold of the esports community in New Zealand, Omen engaged Events Direct to create an activation designed to put two esport’s team’s together in a head to head.

Events Direct designed the stand with functionality and aesthetics both at the forefront. The layout consisted of two custom gaming benches of five players each, a stage design that saw room to watch the players as well as the overall gameplay. To the side saw the broadcasters commentating the matches as well as stream live for Omen globally. Seating was diverse in order to capture the maximum amount of guests, tired bench seating saw guests who there early to watch their teams playout, relaxed ground seating options caught the passer goers as well as casual listeners, and a VIP area saw a range of influencers react positively with the brands experience zone.

The activation was closed off entirely via velvet draping and created equal points of traffic for entry and exit through two branded tunnel areas. This ensured both sound and content could be experienced as best in the busy venue.


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