Jaguar Land Rover Retailer of the Year Awards 2023

In 2023, Jaguar Land Rover, synonymous with automotive excellence and innovation, joined hands with Events Direct to create an exceptional awards evening at the prestigious Viaduct Event Centre in Auckland. This event celebrated the outstanding contributions and achievements of Jaguar Land Rover’s esteemed retailers, showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Events Direct conceptualised an event that reflected the values of Jaguar Land Rover: sophistication, innovation, and community engagement. The design seamlessly blended modern luxury with a commitment to the local community, creating an ambiance of elegance and innovation.

Events Direct crafted an innovative entranceway that highlighted Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to their community. This entrance showcased the brand’s philanthropic endeavours and contributions, setting a tone of corporate responsibility and community engagement. The event concluded on a high note with a performance by the band Blue Steel, offering guests an opportunity to unwind and celebrate their achievements on the dance floor.

The Jaguar Land Rover Retailer of the Year Awards 2023, executed with precision by Events Direct, left an indelible mark on attendees and the automotive industry. It celebrated excellence while underscoring the brand’s commitment to the local community, making it a truly meaningful and impactful event.

This event served as a platform for fostering relationships, recognizing success, and strengthening Jaguar Land Rover’s image as a brand that not only excels in luxury automotive innovation but also contributes positively to the communities it serves.

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