Tuatara Beervana 2022 Activation

In 2022, Tuatara, a renowned New Zealand beer brewer known for its commitment to quality and innovation, collaborated with Events Direct to create an immersive brand activation at Beervana 2022. This activation was designed to not only showcase Tuatara’s diverse range of brews but also to take a unique and science-inspired approach to engage beer enthusiasts.

Events Direct conceived an activation that leveraged the allure of science and innovation to captivate the audience. The design incorporated elements that not only showcased Tuatara’s brews but also told a compelling story of craftsmanship and curiosity.

Key Elements:

  1. Science Beer Experiments: The heart of the activation featured captivating “Science Beer Experiments.” These interactive stations allowed attendees to be a part of innovative marketing in a brewing sense.

  2. Custom Furniture: Events Direct custom-designed and built furniture that harmonised with the activation’s scientific theme. Tables and seating were not only functional but also served as artful pieces that complemented the overall aesthetic.

  3. Tuatara Eye Cage: A striking and attention-grabbing feature of the activation was a large cage with a massive digital Tuatara eye. This eye, reminiscent of the Tuatara reptile’s unique characteristics, watched passersby, drawing them into the activation with its enigmatic allure.

  4. Brew Showcase: Tuatara’s diverse range of brews was prominently displayed, allowing attendees to sample and savour the unique flavours. “Brew Masters” were on hand to share their knowledge and insights, fostering a deeper appreciation for the craft.

The Tuatara brand activation at Beervana 2022, orchestrated with precision by Events Direct, stood out as a highlight of the event. It not only celebrated Tuatara’s commitment to craft brewing but also provided an imaginative and entertaining experience for attendees.

This activation succeeded in forging a deeper connection between Tuatara and its audience, showcasing the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation in a creative and memorable way.

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